Bulk and custom footwarmer mat heater orders

Bulk and custom size footwarmer heated foot mat manufacturing


We specialise in custom size and large bulk orders.

In particular, whenever winter draws near, people begin to use portable heaters in their work spaces.

Typically these heaters are bar radiators, convection heaters, oil heaters and fan heaters. These heaters are high wattage, inefficient and in some cases dangerous. The end result is wasted energy, high electrical loads and potential OHS problems (high electrical loads cause breaker tripping which creates a lot of unnecessary work).

As more corporate and educational institutions publish personal heater guidelines, Footwarmer heated foot mats are approved for use in work spaces as it offers flexibility with positioning under any workstation and very helpful to people prone to cold feet or who are working on a cold floor.

If you have a tender enquiry, custom size or large volume order we can help by supplying footwarmer heated foor mats on time and on budget.




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