Energy saving & energy efficient Footwarmer Mat Heater

Footwarmer Mat Heater

How does Amuheat compare?
:: Amuheat Footwarmer Mat is a high quality, low energy portable heater
:: Uses only 90W of power
:: Does not emit any rubber smell when in operation
:: Safety features include built-in overheat protection
:: Amuheat Footwarmer Mat is certified compliant

:: Provides comfort radiant heat directly to your body through your feet
:: Uses 90% less energy than most electric heaters on the market
:: Heats up within 15 minutes
:: Supports relaxation and well being
:: AS/NZS certified
:: 1 Year warranty

:: 600 x 400mm

:: 90W @ 230V

[PDF] - Operation & Safety Guide

Price: $94

* Price includes delivery across Australia